Notes to Note

This is going to be my kitchen-scratch section. A place where I can note all the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years. I will mention these things in my posts as I go but want to have a place to compiled them… here!

  • Buy parchment paper: I discovered the value of parchment way too late in my baking life, don’t make my mistake.
  • A piece of chalkboard paper on the kitchen wall is a great thing. Notes to buy groceries, clean the fridge, make cookies, empty the dishwasher, can be jotted quickly right where you will notice them.
  • Take pictures while baking: I am still figuring this one out.
  • Vegan butter (Earth Balance) doesn’t taste like butter. But that’s cool, hide the flavour with chocolate.
  • Browned butter is amazing. Also, you can brown vegan butter. I will try this and post this.
  • Scones and pastry need to be lightly worked so as not to melt the butter chunks within. The butter chunks melt during baking to release the steam that creates a flaky pastry! So, chill the dough and rechill if it feels like it is getting warm while working.

2 thoughts on “Notes to Note

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