Who is in the kitchen?

I realized that it is high time for a refresh of my “Who in the heck are you” page!

My name is Stacey Sellars and I am an avid and enthusiastic cook, baker, creative professional, and trier of things.

I am currently writing my thesis for the Master of Publishing program. My focus is on the development of non-linear storytelling experiences and the digital shift. I am currently working at the National Film Board of Canada with their innovative Digital Studio. We’ve created some incredible projects that you should check out here.

I grew up in a pretty perfect family setting; we sat down for balanced dinners every night at 6pm, friends loved coming over for the wonderful cookies, muffins, and other baked treats that were in constant supply by our mom. My sister and I were raised with a love for cooking and baking, with some very special recipes under our hat. Our dad had a wonderful knack for whipping up elaborate meals with a mix of flavours, and mom’s food has truly shaped how my sister and I cook today.

So, here I am, a busy city-dweller, writer, freelance publishing consultant, and happy hobby baker and cook. This blog has been a wonderful distraction over the two years, and I am thrilled to have such a wonderful audience enjoying the food I create.


Quick facts:
• I am texture crazy, something about avocado all by itself gives me the creeps
• I live in Vancouver, Canada
• I could eat turnips for days
• I love to bake but don’t tend to eat a lot of the final product, friends gladly accept donations
• I was originally going to name the blog “Not Martha” in honour of a joke I had with a friend about her being a Marthabot (she was very stepford wifesque)
• I have no hard feelings towards Betty Crocker, I am sure she was/is a classy broad, but I think it pays to think outside the box!

9 thoughts on “Who is in the kitchen?

  1. Stacy! I just got my cookies! I squealed with excitement when I saw that the postlady had tried to fit them in my mailbox! I giggled at the frankencookie but they are SO delicious. Have to love one day travel time from Vancouver to Langley. :)
    Thank you!

    • Yay! Well I sooooo excited! I was just punching in the tracking code to see if you’d got them! Hurrrraaaaaay! I am glad you like them, they were somewhat experimental, hence the frankencookie of insufficient dough! Merry Cookie Swap!

      • Hi Stacey!!

        I came home to a delicious surprise in my mailbox yesterday and I couldn’t contain my excitement!! The cookies are absolutely delicious and the chocolatey aroma that fills the air when I open the tin is to die for! Thank you so much and I will have to fight my boyfriend for the remaining cookies! :)

    • Ah, thank goodness you asked! I can’t believe I didn’t have that on the sidebar (lost it in my move). Check now, it should be there!

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