Not Crocker, Not Gone

I know, I’ve said it before, I am not gone and the blog is not forgotten. Last time I said it, I disappeared for a year!

The last few years have been a crazy whirlwind and rollercoaster, and all those things that indicate a life in major transitions. If you’ve followed me over the years, you will know my father was diagnosed with and passed away from a brain tumour. Obviously this was a huge event in my life. This past year brought about another huge set of changes, but this time for the better. I am finding myself again, maybe for the first time, and while it has been a tumultuous process, the support of my wonderful friends and family has been absolutely invaluable.

I am finally finding myself settled again and am so happy to get back to Not Crocker. First things first, I have to reimage the site. As I can imagine you’ve noticed most of my photos very unhappily disappeared. Unfortunately an update in the summer and a hostile site takeover resulted in most of my images going missing. I am digging through my hard drives as well as my archives, but some are irreversibly gone. Those that are missing  for good… well I will just have to remake them! But you can see, I’ve already started making the effort to get the site back to its former glory. It will take time, but will certainly be worth it. I am happy to be back to you fine folks.

Took a little break, will be back. Cookies, cakes, cooking, oh my!

Took a little break, will be back. Cookies, cakes, cooking, oh my!

Let’s get baking, cooking, and being awesome.

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