Checking in, plus you get to hear about stuff!

So, this has been a pretty busy week for me, I’ve not had a chance to make anything particularly special, whether for dinner or for snacks. I did however start my job at the… (drumroll) National Film Board of Canada! Huzzah! I am so thrilled to have accepted a 6-month contract with the NFB to work as a Production Coordinator for this digital studio. Things are off to a slow start, but I am learning a lot and really excited to see things take off.

Also, I’ve had my first dental experience in far too long and it went great! I’ve never had a filling and I just finished getting three, no muss, no fuss! I haven’t had my mouth numbed like that since I was a really young kid and they had to snip my little gum-bridge to make my teeth move together (sorry for that image). Anyway, my dentist is deep in the West End side of Robson, so I just walked back up Robson to home with half my face feeling like it had melted away. I think I looked fairly normal, but I kept checking “discreetly” to make sure I wasn’t drooling. None of the thousands of fancy shoppers gave me a second look, so I think I am okay.

Anyway, all of this to say that I am sorry I’ve been MIA, and I don’t have anything to post yet. But I am getting back into a working rhythm and will be sure to start posting again quickly! I hope you are all enjoying your spring, we’ve finally got flowers and leaves on the trees here in Vancouver!

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