Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada Spring Sprint: We are the Hook, Line, and Sprinters

Alright, alright, I promise to you that I will get a recipe post out today, and another 2-3 this week. I know I’ve been slow on posting lately, but trust me it is because it is really busy at my internship and then I come home and feel like a schlump. I will stop schlumping and start posting again!

Also, I am participating in the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s Spring Sprint that is raising money for research for brain tumours, as well as programs to support those and their families who are dealing with this terrible form of cancer.

As you may know, this foundation is close to my heart as we lost my amazing father to brain cancer almost four months ago. His youngest sister died from the same tumour over a decade ago, so this disease has become all too familiar.

If you are interested in supporting our cause, click the link below to donate to our team, the Hook, Line, and Sprinters¬†(named in honour of my Dad and Auntie Barb’s love of fishing).
Anyone from anywhere can donate, and it truly goes to something wonderful.

Donate Here!

Thanks for the support, love, and readership!

I will also include a link to the right of the page that will stay there as this post gets archived.