A quiet return with Creamed Spinach

Well, as you might have inferred from my lack of posting over the last (oh my) two months, I have been crazy busy. I think I have also been crazy tired, meaning that coming home meant schlumping around rather than whipping up tasty treats and posting them here! I have been feverishly working on finishing my Masters, as well as scrambling at work getting a couple big projects underway. All to say, sorry for the unbelievably long absence. I wanted to come back with something INSANE and PUNCHY, but this is a subdued, yet delicious recipe. I have some punchier things in the wings, so no fear. But let’s ease back into this.

I’ve missed NotCrocker, and I felt so terrible about my terribleness that I haven’t even been to the blog myself much in the last month or so. Avoidance is a bizarre strategy for coping, so here I am, posting and coming back, and making whatever promises I can that I will not run away again! Work is going to keep going like mad through the next two months, and my paper is top-priority in my off time, but NotCrocker will not fall by the wayside again. I love posting great dishes, and will continue to do so. Who needs to sleep?! Not this lady!


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Not abandoned! Not forgotten!

While it may seem that NotCrocker has been abandoned, I am here quickly to assure you that this is not the case. I’ve just had an incredibly busy month, with work, my mom visiting, and thesis buckling downing. I have some recipes in the hopper and some content that I have almost ready to go, I just need to find time to get it to you wonderful folks.

I am trying to wrap up my paper this semester, so once that is out of the way, it will be all NotCrocker, all the time.

With love and food-related affection,