Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sigh, well let me tell you a quick tale. A tale of two failures if you will.

First, I was all geared up for St. Patrick’s Day, and had set about making some Chocolate Bailey’s Irish Cream Fudge from scratch (ie: no condensed milk, marshmallow, etc.). I had watched Alton Brown’s video about how fudge comes together and was all set up to make an amazing treat. I had all the ingredients going on the stove, they were coming together, looked as they should. But I made a fatal mistake, over cooked it and created instead a monstrosity of chocolate, Bailey’s, sticky-hard sand. Ugh. So, I decided to repurpose this failure to create delicious thumbprint cookies with a delicious Chocolate and Bailey’s centre. No, the butter cookies spread more than intended and the ‘filling’ clumped out and was just terrible. Big failure all around!

So I had something glorious planned for today but after the miserable fudge issue and then the half-hearted cookie attempt I am left with nothing more than kind words and lots of love!

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and I will be sure to make up for the failures this week!

2 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Sounds like the day I tried to make lamb with birch syrup. I put all the ingredients into my crock pot, added the liquid and set it and then around 4 am I heard a loud bang- the lid had “popped” and exploded and there was broken glass and lamb bits everywhere. From what I could smell it would have tasted good ;-(

  2. Ah! Well that is heartbreaking! I love lamb AND birch syrup, I can only imagine the result would’ve been divine! Crock pot disasters are the worst too, as you are expecting an easy, automatic meal!

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