Today is not the day!

For posting! I am pooped!

It has been busy at Appetite, which is amazing. And our apartment is a mess because I finally got the property manager to close the gaping hole in our wall (only to be told that they will have to open it later anyway when they finally replace the pipe). So all of our dining room stuff is in the living room. AND we are having our carpets cleaned on Saturday morning… so we have to figure out how to pack everything into the bedroom tomorrow so that most of the space can be properly cleaned! Madness. Madness all around.

In addition to all this, I hauled a 17lb enamelled cast iron pot home from the other end of town. So, my arms are jelly, my house is a mess, I am making something simple (maybe Egg Drop Soup) and going to sleep!

Here is a picture of my Grandma’s 85th birthday cake, all lit up to tide you over until Saturday!


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