Ahhhhhh no post yesterday! I was Smitten Kitchening!

I will be posting yesterday’s post tonight, which seems silly but I was at the Smitten Kitchen book event last night as I now intern for her Canadian publisher! I was a madhouse. Far more people showed up than Chapters expected, so the space was not nearly sufficient. She was wonderful, answered the audience questions with humor and the brightness her readers have come to expect. She happily signed away and had a nice moment with each attendee. Deb Perelman, no surprise here, left everyone smitten.

So, I apologize for my absence yesterday, I was rushed to that event after work and then rushed home to check out the American election. And then I crashed into bed.

Here is the gorgeous Canadian cover for the Smitten Kitchen book (click on it to go to the Appetite by Random House page for buying options):

And, if you haven’t already, check out Smitten Kitchen, the website. You will understand why people are clamouring for this wonderful book!

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