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Well, I’ve been MIA over the last few posting days, and I really apologize about that. I was all gung-ho about posting last week and then hit a creative-cooking block on Friday. I am going to blame it on my exciting news! I’ve been waiting to post about it until I had a chance to chat with my first internship host, Dave at The Tyee. They were wonderful all summer and were particularly wonderful when I had to bail at the end of August to be with my family. The project I was working on is on its way to being wrapped up, so I am going to pop around from time-to-time to help out, move things along, etc. Anyway, chatted with Dave today and so now I can announce that I’ve taken on a second internship with…. (drum roll sound effects here) Appetite by Random House!

Ugh, goodness, I know, I know, another internship Stacey, what are you thinking! But I am pretty excited. I couldn’t imagine something more up my alley. So, here we go, another internship, still working on stuff for my first internship, hopefully finding a way to make money in between it all, and oh yeah, write my thesis! I am feeling pretty elated about the whole thing though, so I am sure it will be glorious. I’ve already had a wonderful three days of work that were filled with photo upon photo of ridiculously scrumptious foods. If you could get diabetes with your eyes, well I’d have it. Fortunately you can’t (right..) so fortunately I don’t. I do have a terrible hankering to bake, and bake impressively to try to meet up to the standards of Appetite’s lineup. Take a look at our page, we are publishing the wonderful Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen. My goodness, that is exciting. We are working on some definite bestsellers and I am already pondering how in the world I am going to make room on my shelf for all the gorgeous books!

Ok, well that’s out of the way. OH! Also, the next post is my 100th post. Which is exciting, if only to me, because 100 sounds like a lot but doesn’t really feel like a lot. I am making sausage and kale soup tonight… but that will have to go up in the future, it is not #100 material. Hmm. I am also leaving on a trip to Saskatchewan tomorrow, and I return next Tuesday. So it sounds like post 100 will be Thursday. It also sounds like post 100 will be cake or something equally ridiculous. Stay tuned!

Also, I hate posting without a picture, so here is a tree the blew over in the wind in July at my parent’s house. We were wondering how in the world the wind could knock over this tree but once we got closer we saw that it was almost hollow from the ant activity! Gen took a lot of pictures, he kind of had a crush on the ant tree and was really disappointed when the ants finally vacated.

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