Good Friends, Good Food

While I have not been able to a lot of cooking or baking while here in the Yukon, as we’ve been busily ferrying between the house and the hospital, I’ve still managed to eat well. We’ve had many wonderful meals provided to us by our good friends in and around the territory, one delicious meal of spaghetti coming all the way from Dawson City! We are so thankful for the delicious food.

* Thanks to Evi for her amazing soups, she also made us some delicious moussaka, which Gen went crazy for. Evi has also passed along her recipes, so I will be sure to whip them up in her name and make sure you all get a taste of the dinners we’ve been treated to.

* Thanks to Sharon for the spaghetti, bread, and wine.

* Thanks to Karen for the tasty curry chicken, many leftovers were enjoyed.

* Thanks to Ella for the fantastic ham dinner last night (picture below). The mashed potatoes were perfect, the ham delicious, the carrot au gratin a wonderful new dish, and the corn was the perfect final touch.

I am still without my camera, so my mom’s camera and my husband’s camera work will do. Enjoy the time-stamps for accurate archiving…

The women above, and many more, have also provided us with snacks, treats, and support that has helped to keep us going. Many wonderful folks who’ve come to visit have brought along the proper entrance fee, Scotch. Dad’s Scotch supply has grown so large that it needs its own bag. We are enjoying Ardbeg, Glenfiddich, Bushmills, Lagavulin (Dad’s own), and we just polished off the Johnnie Walker Blue Label last week.

We are so appreciative for all of the support, visitors, and love from our family and friends. We are still enjoying lots of laughs and have finally found a routine that works. I am going to put up our famous family recipe tomorrow for Cheese Straws. These Cheese Straws have become a currency of sorts, paying for movie rentals, chores, housesitting, and gift certificates for Cheese Straws are eagerly received as birthday presents. They are awesome. And they freeze well, dip well, and can be spiced up (as we only discovered the need to spice them when my spice-obsessed brother-in-law came into the picture).

Thanks for coming back time and again despite my infrequent updates lately. Things will be back in swing soon.


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