Where am I, AGAIN?!

This time I am in the Yukon! Genesis and I flew home on the 8th to stay with my parents for a week. It’s been wonderful so far, in fact, I almost got a sunburn on the first day! We are busy as ever and are excited for Jon and Kellie and the kids to get here in the next few days. There has been a lot of great cooking and some baking (with much more to come) so I promise a flurry of posts when I get the chance to sit down and create them! In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of my parents’ amazing house that I would be crushed if they sold! Hear that mom and dad? Crushed!

The newest party area, with a fire pit, next to my dad’s Man Shed.

They’ve put in an above-ground pool and waterslide.

While this walkway was being built we called it “the dock”… maybe just me.

Keep an eye out for some new cakes, a great soup, biscuits, and other Sellars-family/ my mom’s recipes!


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