Not Crocker, oh where are you?

I am in Toronto.

Apparently I consider this evidence that I am in Toronto!

I came to Toronto on Wednesday morning (think waking up at 4am for a 7am flight). Six of us MPubbers decided to go to Book Summit 2012 (which you might have gleaned from my extensive #bksummit12 tweeting). The conference was yesterday, Thursday, but we are here until Sunday morning. I’ve been having a great time cruising this fun city, though the heat Wednesday and Thursday was a tough sell. After some rain last night it’s nicely cooled off to, oh, 32° or so.

We are going to relax on Toronto Island tomorrow after some tasty brunch, and then an earlyish night before we head home.

Anyway, all of this just so I can apologize for the lack posts this week. I have one queued up, but it isn’t finished and it is nothing particularly special. I mean, it’s tasty, but it’s also super simple.

I hope you’ve all been enjoying cruising the recipes on here! Let me make some recommendations of stuff to try out as you wait for the next recipe!

  • If it is cool where you are (ugh, I wish!) make yourself some shepherd’s pie! There are two kinds: Beef and Lentil OR Gordon Ramsay’s.
  • Have a farmer’s market near by? Buy a box of strawberries and make these Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes (forgo the icing and totally top them with some lightly-sweetened whipped cream for an awesome summer treat!)
  • Need some spice in your life? Amazing Curry is just that, amazing!
  • Want to make something that will make your breakfasts a touch sweeter? These Coffee Cake Muffins are lightly sweet and so good! OR make my mom’s Brown Sugar Scones, which are so good, I am making them the minute I get home from Toronto.

Anyway, thanks for coming back and being awesome despite my mysterious absence! Awesome recipes to come! OOOOOOHHHH I bought the Flavor Thesaurus, so you can imagine that I am going to have some killer ideas from reading that baby! I hope your summers are going well!

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