A couple days off then back at it with a vengeance!


Who am I kidding, it'll be gone before Friday.

I had my final exam of my Masters yesterday and then a very brief visit with my parents who were down to get an MRI. Tomorrow I fly out to Fort McMurray to visit with my sister, her husband, and my adorable and squeezable nieces. I am going to spend the weekend teaching my sister, Kellie, how to taking pictures while cooking, how to do  my rudimentary food styling and writing, and how to post to WordPress. Soon, both sisters will be active here and twice the recipes will be pouring in! We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming by next week! (This programming being recipes every two days with the likelyhood of extras on weekends)

In the meantime, enjoy this extra picture of that delicious beer bread… which I am making again tonight… because it is so tasty and I know my dude will appreciate having it to munch on while I’m away.

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