Not a recipe.

This blog is going to be largely recipes but I know that when big things happen in our lives they will eventually find their way here as well.

This post is about one of those big things.

I am in a wonderful program, getting my Master of Publishing, and I am part of a wonderful group, The Cohort. This group is made up of 17 beautiful women and one handsome fella. Recently, my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor, brain cancer. Not only has The Cohort helped me get through the last five months (letting me cry in our offices, supporting me when I have to miss class to help my parents at the hospital or at the airport, and being all-around awesome) but they have actively worked to make my life feel normal.  Today I was presented with a card and a notice that this wonderful group of people donated $450 to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. Just thinking about it makes me tear up. I am so touched.

Anyway. I love them all. The Cohort is amazing.

The power of The Cohort

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